Your child's overall speech and language skills are assessed through a combination of parent interview, play-based informal assessment, and formal standardized assessment. 




During the initial parent interview, parent, physician, and teacher concerns will be discussed. Additionally, we will examine medical history and developmental milestones. Finally, additional reports from other professionals will be reviewed.


In play-based, informal assessment, a variety of toys and books are used to build rapport and elicit spontaneous, natural speech and language.

After the informal assessment, we will determine whether a formal, standardized assessment is warranted, and which assessment tool is most appropriate for your child's needs.


A formal speech assessment examines the following, and more:

  • Which sounds your child has in error
  • Where speech errors occur in words
  • How your child's speech compares to children with typically developing speech skills

A formal language assessment examines the following, and more:

  • Concepts, vocabulary, and grammar your child understands
  • Ability to appropriately express knowledge of concepts, vocabulary, and grammar in a variety of situations
  • How your child's receptive and expressive language compares to same-age peers with typically developing language