Using improvisation and traditional theater games to explore social interactions from a novel perspective 



At Act Up! we pair a theatrically trained professional actor with a speech-language pathologist to help your child address his or her speech and language goals in a unique way. The professional actor runs the class like a typical acting class, while the speech therapist ensures that each student’s specific speech and language needs are addressed. Students develop acting skills through traditional theater games and improvisational scene study while simultaneously addressing essential skills needed for personal success, including:

  • Language comprehension and expression
  • Verbal and nonverbal pragmatic skills
  • Speech skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Social skills
  • Following instructions


During the class student actors are intermittently videotaped and provided the opportunity to watch themselves during “Dailies.” Actors are also instructed on being a cameraman and director, which allows them to critically observe social interactions from a novel perspective.

Increasing a child’s awareness and perspective of different roles, whether as actor, director, or cameraman, ultimately improves their skill at identifying and interpreting the subtle social behaviors of others.


We are eager for our kids to have the opportunity to participate in a typical class where support is provided that addresses each child’s individual needs. Our primary goal is for each child to have fun and make friends while enhancing speech and language skills in an indirect and typical way.

The group is run in eight-week sessions and commitment to the complete series is necessary to maintain consistency of the group dynamic. Our actors build relationships with their fellow thespians and are eager to build their acting skills together.


Current Session Information

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